Meet Shawn Joseph — Ideamensch Interview

Dr. Shawn Joseph has put teaching and faith at the forefront of his life in and out of education. His accomplishments in learning are many. After graduating from Lincoln University, he earned a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a doctoral degree in educational administration and policy studies from George Washington. Embarking on a career in public education, Joseph taught English and served as a school administrator and central office administrator before being hired as superintendent of schools in districts in Delaware and Tennessee. His time running the Metro Nashville Public Schools as superintendent made equity a priority and managed to increase academic performance for all student groups in reading and math. A published author, his most recent book is Finding the Joseph Within: Lessons Learned Through A Life of Struggle, a memoir of faith and perseverance. While Joseph recently took a tenure track position at Howard University’s Graduate School of Education, he manages Joseph & Associates, a consulting firm focusing on expanding equity within education.

Where did the idea for Joseph and Associates come from?

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

How do you bring ideas to life?

What’s one trend that excites you?

What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

What advice would you give your younger self?

Tell us something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.

As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

What is the best $100 you recently spent? What and why?

What is one piece of software or a web service that helps you be productive?

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

What is your favorite quote?

Key Learnings:

Originally published at on January 28, 2021.

Dr. Shawn Joseph’s passion for equity and social justice has led him to serve in a number of positions in the world of education.