GAITHERSBURG, MD — Former Superintendent of Metro Nashville Public Schools, and current President of equity and education consulting firm Joseph and Associates, Dr. Shawn Joseph, is applauding BET’s Disrupt & Dismantle for raising awareness of a massive crisis that continues to unfold in Nashville, TN: the city’s devastating school-to-prison pipeline.

In today’s American public school system, teachers and administrators are overwhelmingly White. While the proportion of teachers and administrators of color is growing, it is not keeping up with the student population’s increased diversity.

Having administrators of color, specifically superintendents, in school systems across the country is one of the…

Meet Shawn Joseph — Ideamensch Interview

Dr. Shawn Joseph has put teaching and faith at the forefront of his life in and out of education. His accomplishments in learning are many. After graduating from Lincoln University, he earned a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a doctoral degree in educational administration and policy studies from…

Shawn Joseph

Dr. Shawn Joseph’s passion for equity and social justice has led him to serve in a number of positions in the world of education.

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